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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month: Preventing the disease

Prostate cancer affects over 3 million men each year, and it can be a painful, deadly disease if not treated properly.

September is prostate cancer awareness month. Prostate cancer affects over 3 million men each year, and it can be a painful, deadly disease if not treated properly. In light of prostate cancer awareness month, here are some things you can do to reduce your risk of developing this complicated condition:

  • Make regular appointments with your physician. Ensuring you are seen by a doctor every one or two years – depending on your PSA (prostate-specific antigen) – is a vital part of keeping yourself free of prostate cancer. While a doctor may not prevent prostate cancer from developing, they can tell you whether you are at risk. If you already have cancerous cells in your body, they can help catch the disease early so that treatment is more manageable and less painful.
  • Eat foods low in fat. Research shows that high-fat diets play an essential role in the development of prostate carcinogenesis. High-fat diets include diets rich in animal fats, saturated fats, trans fats, and even some healthy fats. High-fat diets trigger the uncontrolled activity of SREBP (Sterol regulatory element-binding protein), a protein that is activated by a loss of PML (Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy), which can lead to prostate cancer. Make sure to eat everything in moderation if you want to reduce your risk of developing prostate cancer.
  • Reduce the amount of dairy you eat. Milk, cheeses, and yogurts have been shown to increase a man's chances of developing prostate cancer. This may be tied to the fact that dairy is typically high in fat, but the fact remains the same: eat less dairy, and you may reduce your risk of prostate cancer.
  • Exercise. It's that simple. Exercising regularly comes with many benefits and defending the body from cancers that would destroy it is one of them. Aim for 150 minutes of exercise every week to see the most benefits. Lose weight, strengthen your muscles, your mind, and prevent prostate cancer.

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