Unicorn abandoned along freeway finds new happy owners

A unicorn abandoned along I-82 finds new happy owners (Photos: Washington State Patrol)

KENNEWICK, Wash. -- A lost unicorn abandoned along I-82 in Eastern Washington has a new home, thanks to some intrepid Washington State Patrol Troopers!

Trooper Sarah Clasen found the stuffed unicorn along the freeway near Badger Road in Kennewick late last month. "If you know where his people are, send them our way so they could be reunited!"

After a few days passed without anyone claiming it, the unicorn became another trooper's partner for the day, though we're not sure it was the best match.

"Not sure how this 'thing' ended up in my office after Trooper Clasen saved it off the highway last week but here we are," Tweeted Trooper Chris Thorson, who is the public information officer for the WSP's District 3. "I'm putting it in my patrol car to give away to the next child who wants it."

It didn't take long to find the perfect new home.

"These girls (and mom) were super excited to adopt it," Thorson Tweeted with a photo of him next to the unicorn's happy new owners. "The girl in the pink even had a shirt with unicorns all over it... haha! Trooper Clasen will be happy too..."

I'm betting Trooper Thorson will miss his new buddy though...