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104-year-old New York man casts his 21st presidential ballot

Samuel Bovalino, 104, of Syracuse, votes on Election Day 2020 (Photo: WSTM)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSTM) – The first time 104-year-old Samuel Bovalino of Syracuse cast a vote in a presidential election was 1940.

That election resulted in the election of Franklin D. Roosevelt to an unprecedented third term in the White House.

“I do believe in voting, it is a wonderful thing and very important that you do it every time,” Bovalino said from the front of his Tipperary Hill home as he waited to be picked up to go to his polling station.

21 presidential elections after his first experience choosing an American commander-in-chief, Bovalino sat at a desk inside the old Saint Patrick’s School and spent time carefully filling out the circles on his ballot.

His favorite president in his lifetime was John F. Kennedy, he said. When it comes to Tuesday's election, Bovalino won’t reveal his choice and won’t say anything bad about either of the major party candidates.

“It’s hard for me to say anything bad about anyone – I let my vote speak to that,” he said.

Editorial note: Bovalino did not wear a mask when he voted. His son cited a doctor’s guidance for medical reasons.